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Transforming Digital Wealth Holdings Into High-Performing Real Estate Investments

Investors finally have the opportunity to lend their crypto into tangible, cash-flowing deals – real estate. We source, underwrite and manage each deal to ensure our investors have the highest quality service.


We Are Dedicated To

Removing the Headache From Real Estate Investing

We are built for people who want to invest in rental properties, but don’t want to buy a whole home or deal with the operational headaches of finding and managing a rental property.

Bridgecoin creates an opportunity for crypto investors holding unrealized capital gains to re-invest in cash-flowing real estate on a tax-free basis.

40+ Years

of Real Estate Experience

10+ Years

of Crypto Experience

$3+ Trillion

Real Estate Market


Crypto Market


Step 01

We Identify.

We identify viable real estate investment opportunities and handle the whole due diligence process.

Step 02

You Invest.

We’ll work with our lender to convert your crypto into cash while still ensuring the same return on investment.


Step 03

We Close.

We close on the property and start the management side of the business – bringing the property up to market value.

Step 04

You Save.

Defer your capital gains by following our proprietary process alongside our partners. Bridgecoin has created the 1031 exchange bridging the gap between real estate and crypto.