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logo design & branding.

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During the logo design process, we are not only thinking of the digital space but the print space as well. A logo and a brand should work well when applying them to real-life products. Business cards, letterheads, clothing, signs, ads, and pretty much any tangible item you can think of—these are opportunities for a business to market its brand. At ninety two, we specialize in design, but we also offer an array of other services in order to fulfill your needs.


logo use on web.

ninety two takes caution when building logos as they need to work small and large. For a website logo or a favicon, it is important that the logo mark is clear and visible at any size. This logo update was simple and fun and represents the company as a whole.



Part of our process is sketching out the initial details before jumping into the digital process. It is easier to get everything down on paper and send our clients some quick ideas before finalizing any designs. This is important in the logo design process as the direction can be set before we put a lot of time into something that we won’t end up using. It is also important to explore all options as there may be some parts that end up being really important to the client. For this particular logo, we updated the pre-existing logo for Morrell builders. With some subtle yet important tweaks, this logo design is sleek, modern, and timeless.


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