Dash Capital Advisors





logo design & branding.

We love a brand with a purpose! In this case, a group of very caring individuals has created their own financial advising firm. Dash Capital Advisors, a super awesome project we had the pleasure of being a part of, is a group of financial advisors who broke off from the corporate world to build their own start-up.

The meaning behind the ‘Dash’ stems from a poem—”The Dash” by Linda Ellis, Copyright © Inspire Kindness, 1996—which represents your life from birth to death and the dash is what you do within your life. We thought this was such a cool concept and love supporting a brand that doesn’t just help individuals but cares about them wholeheartedly.

This logo design brings out all aspects of the company and implements the main concept—the Dash!


When designing a logo we like to mock-up stationary and other tangibles in order to get a feel for what the logo will look like living in a real space. With this specific branding, we knew the logo design needed to work on credentials such as letterheads, portfolio pieces, mail, business cards, and other paper-based products.



During the beginning stages of the logo design process, it is important to solve the direction on paper. This makes for a quick and simplified way of getting all ideas out. From here we can bring these sketches in and start to massage them digitally. We explored a ton of options for this logo lockup. The dash was the most important component of this design as it is the sole purpose of the brand. we played around with this mark a lot. We love this part of the design process because it can go really deep and can pull out a lot of unique shapes and lockups. The best part about the process is that we are constantly learning new things and this becomes beneficial for each and every project moving forward.


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