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logo design, branding & web design.

Broccolo Automotive began as a small automotive shop in the early 90s by Rochester native Mike Broccolo. With a passion for fixing vehicles, it seemed only fitting to turn it into a business. Broccolo Automotive would build over the years into a full-service automotive and collision shop offering everything automotive. Pulling inspiration from the original logo, and keeping the beautiful attributes of a timeless, family-owned and operated business, ninety two has set out to rebrand an identity that will in our hopes, last a lifetime.

Broccolo automotive has been around since 1992, it started as a small automotive and collision shop out of a home garage. ninety two wanted to keep that story within the rebrand and logo identity. We implemented important attributes from the original logo into the new logo design. We felt these pieces played a significant role in the new branding and really make the final product timeless and complete.

clothing design.

ninety two had the pleasure of designing company apparel. We used the logo as a staple t-shirt for employees as well as customers. This is important for your brand as it plays a big role in advertising your business. For the second t-shirt design, we wanted to pull out some history and use somewhat of a throwback style design to show the length the company has been in business. We feel it doesn’t matter the age of a company but the experience of the people who own or work within an organization. Displaying a team of experts who have been in a field for 30+ years can definitely add comfort to people who are having work done to their vehicles!


vehicle wrap.

Branding is an important part of marketing and advertising your business. A main example of free real estate is vehicle signage. The investment can be a larger permanent decision, however, it pays itself back tenfold. Think about it, your company technically has a moving billboard and if it is executed correctly the phones will start ringing off the hook!


web design.

Whether it is a single-page website or a thirty-page website, your business needs one in today’s world. The design side of a website is crucial as it is normally the first thing prospective customers will see. A website should portray everything your business has to offer. We specialize in simplicity at ninety two. We like to get the point across quickly so that your business is able to turn leads into revenue fast! Simple or elaborate, do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation on your next project!


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